The Perfect Lash for Your Eye Shape

how to find the perfect lash for your eye shape

There are six common eye shapes: monolids, round eyes, almond eyes, downturned eyes, upturned eyes, and hooded eyes. While shopping for strip eyelashes, you have to determine which eye shape you have and how you want the strip lashes to compliment them. Nude Cosmetics launched 5 different styles that are made to fit every eye shape, depending on your preference.

No one knows the look you want better than yourself and sometimes it depends on the day or the occasion. When doing your makeup, you have to really know what look you’re going for and how our lashes can compliment it.

Below I’ve listed a few helpful tips when trying to select the perfect lash.

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Our Diva Lashes are BOLD and dramatic (quite like the name) and are created for large round eyes. Celebrities like Kati Perry or Mila Kunis can certainly pull off our Diva Lashes during red carpet glam or dramatic photo shoots. Your favorite Drag Queens can also use our Diva Lashes when performing as it makes their eyes pop and pairs perfectly with their outstanding makeup looks.


Downturned eyes or larger almond eyes are the perfect shape for our Queen Lashes. Queen can give you an automatic eye lift (with out the scalpel of course) and will enhance any eyeshadow look you create. Celebrities like Nicole Richie or Miley Cyrus would look stunning in our Queen Lashes during an event. For those who prefer a natural eye look, Queen may not be the lash for you, but you won’t know unless you try it!


Unlike Diva and Queen, our Bossy Lashes have a shorter length in the inner corner and begin to flare out to a longer length giving you a perfect wispy look. Bossy is one tier under Queen, therefore it is perfect for a more natural look, still giving your eyes a pop. Small almond eyes or hooded eyes like Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence can wear Bossy to elongate their eyes and enhance their eye makeup look.


Not everyone likes a dramatic lash and our Hustler Lashes are made for those who prefer subtle, less bold makeup looks. Our Hustler Lashes are the most popular lashes from our collection and compliment those with small almond eyes, upturned eyes or hooded eyes. As seen on celebrities like Telli Swift, Sheree Whitfield, Savannah Chrisley, and the talented Cardi B., our Hustler Lashes give an illusion of wispy eyelash extensions. Our nearly invisible strips blend perfectly into the lash line providing you with comfort and a natural effect still enhancing your eye shape.


If you’re not looking for length and simply just want to add volume to your natural lashes, Go-Getter is the perfect style for you. Our Go-Getter lashes give those with small hooded eyes an eye-opening effect adding volume to their lashes and a little bit of length. Go-Getter is not recommended for those with thick natural lashes as they will be barely visible. Our flexible thin band provides comfort for those who rarely wear false strip lashes and will not weigh your eyes down.

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